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We are team of platform-certified marketing strategists continuously exploring new ways to grow and engage your community, wherever they are online.


We have mastered the original social network great for targeting a huge audience.


TikTok is the best up and coming platform to reach a younger generation of buyers.


Instagram gets more engagement than Facebook and is amazing for targeting millenials.


We have gotten incredible ROI on arguably the most underrated eCommerce social media platform.

Adapt Beyond iOS 14

The Trellis paid social formula is made up of three core aspects that identify, target and activate the customers to grow your business. We perform extensive customer research to understand your customer groups and use these findings to create core personas, the foundation. Personas allow us to create a path for testing with a plan and identify what mix works best to activate new customers. Paid social changed significantly since 2020. We leverage a suite of tools to regain visibility and inject fresh insights into your paid social strategy, creating fuel for growth.

Our Process



We start by getting a true understanding of your business, the key metrics you care about, and identifying the role that paid social plays in your growth roadmap.  After we understand your goals, each of your ad accounts go through our 29-point social audits to find immediate growth and efficiency opportunities.


Customer Research

The Trellis customer survey and persona development process evaluates your current customers through qualitative and quantitative data to understand the best way to attract your newest buyer.



Don’t waste your budget testing without a plan, we develop  Ad Grids that match personas with core messages and content to identify the perfect combinations to replicate and scale.



Once we’ve established audiences, ads and messaging, we add the fuel to scale your paid social performance. Don’t worry, the testing isn’t over, we restart the process from here to continue feeding valuable content into these high-value campaigns.

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