Branding is how you share your story

Your brand is a foundational set of rules, messaging, and standards that guide your visual identity, communication, and goals. As part of our branding process, we take a thoughtful and collaborative approach to the voice, story, visual expression, and long-term plans of your business to ensure that your brand identity feels fresh and authentic across all touchpoints.

Two Stages

Brand Strategy

A successful brand strategy clearly outlines how, what, where, when, and to whom a brand communicates. It also establishes a long-term plan for the continuing development of a brand. The result of this stage typically manifests as a guidebook or brand manual to ensure all brand stakeholders and collaborators are in alignment on the overarching strategy. This process typically includes: Brand Audit, Audience Personas, Collaborative Workshops, Positioning/Messaging, Competitive Analysis, Market Research, Brand Platform, & Packaging Strategy.

Visual Brand Identity

A brand’s visual identity is an aesthetic expression of the personality, story, and goals of the business identified in the strategy stage. It establishes a set of visual guidelines and standards to be used by design professionals, brand stakeholders, and collaborators, and creates a consistent visual language that can be expanded across all mediums. This process typically includes: Responsive Logo Design, Illustration, Iconography, Art Direction, Packaging Design, Brand Applications, & Visual Brand Identity Manual.

Our Process



The first step in our branding process is to understand the current state of the brand and establish areas for improvement. This step typically involves an audit of the current brand strategy, content planning, and visual identity, analysis of competitors, and market research.



Once we have a deep understanding of the current brand positioning and future goals, we build and refine a strategic plan for execution. This step ensures that all stakeholders and collaborators are in alignment on strategy and plans for implementation.



After the strategy is approved, our creative team works together to explore a variety of visual approaches and how that identity might be expressed through different brand elements and applications.


We've worked with many web design agencies in the past 11 years, and Trellis made them all look like amateurs. Their thorough workshops allowed their teams to fully understand our brand and bring it to life, and their attention to detail made us feel like we were in the right hands from the day we signed on. They are organized, efficient, and true experts in what they do.

Brady Bartlett, Co-Founder

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