Become a Modern Education Leader

With the effects of Covid19, creating a modern education experience that can be conducted remotely and in person is more critical than ever. People want flexibility and they want to be able to learn on their own time. Now is the time to innovate and bring education to the forefront via new technology. Trellis can help with everything from strategy to digital execution. Our team of experienced eCommerce and digital experts can navigate complexity into simplicity.

Become a Modern Education Leader

Become an eCommerce Innovator

Leaders Are Advancing

Major education brands such as Pearson are increasing their investment in eCommerce. Our creativity and hands on consulting will help get your business transitioning from behind the curve to digital front runner so that you can win more marketshare online.

The Growth Is Online

We can help you catch up to online leaders by leveraging best in class technology like Magento, Shopify+, and other top eCommerce technologies.

Direct to Consumer & B2B eCommerce

We are a special breed of eCommerce agency that understands the needs of direct to consumer and B2B eCommerce.

How We Transform Our Clients Digitally

We have mastered best in class platforms like Shopify+, Magento, and WordPress that have proven to be effective for sports, fitness, and outdoor companies of all sizes over the past decade.

ERP Integrations

CRM Integrations

PIM Integrations

eCommerce Platform Implementation

Continuous Improvements

Hosting & Application Performance


Digital Strategy

Development Operations

Custom Software Development

Sales Strategy

Distribution & Fulfillment

Education Industry Complexities

Common D2C complexities apply to most educational brands, but there is added friction depending on the product mediums and customer types.

Standard VS Digital products

Buy Online, Pick-up In store

Customer Tiering for Custom Catalogs

B2B Re-Order

Robust Product Categories

IT Compatibility


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