Don't Get Left Behind

Its easy to neglect your digital present and get left in the dust. Let the Trellis experts revamp your digital infrastructure, from hosting, to UX design, to integrations, we have you covered. Our creativity and hands on consulting will help get your business transitioning from behind the curve to digital front runner. It's important to be thinking about both short term and long term improvements to your digital presence and infrastructure. Having a plan that will move the needle in the near future and in the distant future will keep you moving ahead of the curve instead of behind it.

Don't Get Left Behind

Become an Innovator

Leaders Are Advancing

Major life science and healthcare companies are increasing their investment in eCommerce. Our creativity and hands on consulting will help get your business transitioning from behind the curve to digital front runner so that you can win more marketshare online.

Become a Leader

We have built some of the most robust scalable eCommerce solutions on the market on platforms like Shopify+ and Magento. Its important to have a vision for how you can scale your infrastructure for the growing eCommerce needs of both business customers and the end consumer.

Direct To Consumer & B2B eCommerce

We are one of the rare breed of eCommerce agencies that actually gets the needs and value of D2C and B2B eCommerce and can help you with both.

How We Transform Our Clients Digitally

Life science and healthcare is moving online. Whether that be logging into a patient portal or buying a new test kit online, its happening. More and more customers expect to get personalized eCommerce experiences in order to buy the products they want. Stop getting disrupted and take charge of your digital ecosystem with our industry leading eCommerce solutions.

ERP Integrations

CRM Integrations

PIM Integrations

eCommerce Platform Implementation

Continuous Improvements

Hosting & Application Performance


Digital Strategy

Development Operations

Custom Software Development

Sales Strategy

Distribution & Fulfillment

Health and Sciences Complexities

Life is brittle and you should treat your e-commerce site with as much care and attention as you would with a loved one. Working with an established agency like Trellis will reduce the stress associated with these common problems.

HIPAA standards, norms and certifications

Dynamic and Bulk Pricing

Time critical deliveries

EDI compatibility

Automated Purchasing

Product Information

License to Order/ Restrictions

Customer Grouping

Content/Channel syndication


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