Become an eCommerce Innovator

Digital transformation is critical in all industries and food & beverage is no exception. An industry that has more complexity with shelf life and laws that other industries don't have make it difficult to execute digital strategies. Trellis can help you navigate that digital complexity and bring your food & beverage business to life online. After Covid19 people expect to get food online more than ever before. Bring your food and beverage business direct to consumer so that you can own the customer experience.

Become an eCommerce Innovator

Become an eCommerce Innovator

Leaders Are Advancing

Major food & beverage brands are increasing their investment in eCommerce. Our creativity and hands on consulting will help get your business transitioning from behind the curve to digital front runner so that you can win more marketshare online.

The Growth Is Online

We can help you catch up to online leaders by leveraging best in class technology like Magento, Shopify+, and other top eCommerce technologies.


We are a special breed of eCommerce agency that understands the needs of direct to consumer and B2B eCommerce.

How We Transform Our Clients Digitally

We have mastered best in class platforms like Shopify+, Magento, and WordPress that have proven to be effective for food & beverage companies of all sizes over the past decade.

ERP Integrations

CRM Integrations

PIM Integrations

eCommerce Platform Implementation

Continuous Improvements

Hosting & Application Performance


Digital Strategy

Development Operations

Custom Software Development

Sales Strategy

Distribution & Fulfillment

Complexities with Food & Beverage Products

Consumable products require more attention and care than standards goods for obvious reasons. Our detailed approach to eCommerce ensures every aspect of the consumer journey is well thought out and maintains product quality through delivery.

Digital Labels - Allergies, Ingredients, PDPs

Shelf Management - Product Freshness

Inventory Management

Scheduled Delivery

Brand Storytelling

Returns Management

Split, Corporate Ordering

Wholesale/ B2B

Bundling / Subscription


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