Top 25 Shopify Agency Experts of 2021 

Jack D'Errico

Jack D'Errico

When looking for an eCommerce platform, most companies explore options on Shopify at one point or another. But, for what reason? And what exactly is Shopify?

Shopify is a cloud-based eCommerce platform and online shopping solution, that allows businesses across different industries to set up online stores to sell their products easily and effectively. The reason why Shopify is so popular among online store owners is because of its easy-to-use roll-out-of-the-box features. 

One of the most appealing and satisfying things about Shopify is that it offers different pricing plans with different features that fit well with businesses of all sizes, across all industries.

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, everyone can take advantage of Shopify and the benefits of using it. Shopify offers several integrations and add-ons (just like WordPress plugins) that help in scaling the software for you and your business to provide better service to your customers.

If you’re a bigger rband or new to the eCommerce space, Shopify/Plus can become a little tough for you. In that case, it’s always a good idea to hire a Shopify agency. But with so many Shopify agencies online, it can be difficult for you to choose one, and that’s why created this list for you. 

To help you make the right decision for your business, we have created a list of the top 25 Shopify experts of 2021 worthy of your attention.


Trellis is a US-based eCommerce agency specializing in Shopify, Magento, and other eCommerce platforms. Trellis has mastered the leading eCommerce platforms, Magento & Shopify, and the leading CMS platform, WordPress, to help their customers grow online.

Trellis works with all sizes and types of businesses and helps with all types of Shopify work such as strategy, design, development, integrations, app development, and much more. Our leading eCommerce expertise, design, and development skills can take your Shopify business to the next level. Not to toot our own horn, but we didn’t become Shopify’s #1 North American partner by chance.

Trellis is a certified and leading Shopify Plus Partner. Trellis provides flexibility to its customers by offering them different Shopify packages to proceed with Trellis has worked with Foco, Vietri, Nest Fragrances, Tina Davies, and more can be found on their portfolio page.

2. Absolute Web

Absolute Web is a certified Shopify Plus Agency, based in Miami and Los Angeles. Absolute Web consists of Shopify specialists that focus on helping brands achieve their goals in the digital commerce space, building custom solutions, crafting modern UI/UX, integrating custom code and APIs, and ultimately using innovative marketing strategies. Their clients are BHFO, MITA Eyewear, Salty K, Jenny Yoo, NADIA Skin, and Swig Life.

3. Spiral Scout

Spiral Scout specializes in staffing companies with powerhouse Shopify teams made up of vetted developers, designers, project managers, and software testers who have worked together for years to build innovative custom software solutions on top of Shopify that help e-commerce businesses grow.

Over the past 11 years, we have collaborated with a wide range of clients, from back-of-the-napkin startups to Fortune 100 companies. Through every partnership, we prioritize first-class client service, focusing on clear communication, managing expectations, and reliability as strongly as we do speed and innovation.

In addition to Shopify, our technical expertise includes PHP, Golang, Java, Python, Node.js, and Javascript (React, Angular, Backbone, and Typescript). And our software development services run the gamut, from responsive web design to progressive web apps or hybrid apps (using React Native, Ionic, or Flutter), native mobile work (iOS and Android platforms), and customizing integrations with different e-commerce platforms (Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce) or ERP platforms (i.e., Salesforce, NetSuite).

Their clients are Zoom, SoFi, Coca Cola, Proctor and Gamble, DefinedCrowd, eLearning Brothers, Made In Cookware, Inturn,, Unilog Corp, Adobe, San Francisco Public Works, Benchmark Education,, Brilliant Tech, Framed and Matted, Maharani Weddings, and Drew Altizer Photography.

4. Naturaily

Naturaily is a web and mobile development company from Poland. We listen to your ideas, and we turn them into great, and well-performing digital products!

We specialize in modern solutions for e-commerce, including Shopify web development, Jamstack, and PWA. 

Naturaily in numbers:

  • A team of 25 + talented professionals,
  • Over 90 completed projects,
  • 12+ years of experience in the newest and most popular technologies. 

We’ve worked with partners and start-ups such as Zapnito, GetSafe, LingoHub, Apptegy, EA Technology, International House London, Woolman. We’ve also created great solutions for e-commerce like AWN (one of the largest boats and yachts suppliers in Europe). 

How do we work?

  • Google’s Design Sprint,
  • Practice & Preach Agile development,
  • Continuous Integration,
  • Test-driven development and Behavior-driven development.

What do we use?

  • Programming languages:: Ruby, JavaScript, TypeScript, and more,
  • Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Vue, React, PWA, and more,
  • Tools: Jenkins, InVision, GitLab, Docker, Breeze, and more, 
  • We implement the most efficient solutions for online stores, including Shopify integrations, Headless E-commerce development, and PWA,
  • We are always excited to build websites in a Jamstack model. 

We are continuously improving our skills and learning new technologies. Lately, we’ve been mastering Jamstack development, and we show every day that e-commerce can go headless and perform much better than before!    

Naturaily offers full web and mobile development. We will help you to invent and implement the best solutions, and we will look at your website as a whole: including UX/UI design. 

High-class dynamic animations while keeping great page speed? No problem!  SEO-friendly and safe e-commerce? Here you are! Mobile-friendly and light application full of images? Just ask us for one!

5. SEOPlus

SEOPlus+ partners with world-class organizations to deliver exceptional marketing campaigns. The dynamic team of in-house experts leverages prestige partnerships, uses state-of-the-art tools & technology, and undertakes proven digital marketing tactics to achieve maximum results.

Their key clients are Mobile Klinik, Mimo Monitors,  and Maniology.

6. Sleepless Media

“Founded in 2003, Sleepless Media is a web design, development, and branding agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area. They specialize in the outdoor adventure industry and national food brands to name a few. As one of the original Shopify Plus Solutions Partners, they’ve been designing custom sites on the Shopify platform for 10+ years now and are known for their often-edgy design and their work with Swisher Sweets, Levis, Tepui Tents by Thule, Breeo Fire Pits, Rise Records, and Lenny & Larrys, to name a few.”

7. Plug Digital

Plug Digital is a Shopify experts agency based in Detroit & Denver that works exclusively on the Shopify and Shopify Plus platform. Their team consists of strategists, designers, and developers who share a passion for creating progressive digital experiences with over 15 years of experience building and servicing eCommerce sites. They have customized hundreds of Shopify sites and provide Growth Strategy, UX/UI Design, and Web Development services.

They have worked with brands like Lighter USA, Vanguard, BOODY, Ooze, LXMI, and many more.

8. Walt

Walt is a digital agency based in France with expertise in digital strategies, website design & development, e-commerce, and online marketing campaigns. Walt’s team shares their expertise in web technologies and user experiences to reach online marketing targets for our clients. Data analysis, support, and consultancy are a key part of our client relationship. Walt is a Google Partner, Shopify Partner, Facebook Marketing Partner, Mailchimp Partner.

Some of their clients are: La Clusaz, Alain Milliat, ISS France, Actini, Clufix, ATMB, Enterprise & Personnel, DYNAMIC, DECKED France, Omnibook, Cap Contention, Hidora.

9. Whidegroup

Whidegroup is a boutique e-commerce development company delivering custom solutions for small-to-medium e-commerce entrepreneurs and has done so for over 10 years. They design, develop and optimize e-commerce websites for companies in diverse industries, as well as build custom extensions and apps for service companies, like shipping or payment providers, to help them smoothly integrate their solutions with e-commerce platforms.

Among their latest clients, you can notice cryptocurrency payment provider, leading transportation automation platform, subscription-based e-commerce website, and others.

10. Fyresite

Fyresite helps leading brands to boost sales by building websites, ecommerce stores, and mobile applications that users love. We build in all the modern platforms: WordPress, Shopify, iOS, Android and React. Their key clients are Greystar, Delta Zeta, Green Mountain Grills, State Forty-Eight, and Fascinations.

11. The Weather

The Weather is a highly rated digital studio with offices in Berlin and Prague and a no-nonsense approach to building stand-out websites fast and affordably — with strong roots in storytelling but relentlessly geared towards delivering results.

They have several big-name clients such as Zalando, Becherovka, and the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany. But their main focus remains to transform the digital fates of small and mid-sized businesses.

To that end, the studio employs a unique fast-track process aimed at cutting the slack and eliminating distractions, offering integrated services spanning everything from branding to web design and development, digital marketing. The Weather also has extensive experience in content creation, copywriting, and, especially, photography and film.

12. Brandlume

BrandLume is the world’s only one-one-stop-online shop for everything digital marketing, branding, and website development agency services to help you make your business illuminate through today’s cluttered marketplace, hassle-free.

No more dealing with different PR, branding, hosting, domain registry, SEO, SEM, social media, and website design agencies or trying to do it all in-house.

Take care of all your needs in one place, hassle-free, at a fraction of the usual cost, and with no strings attached. Their key clients are Carhub, Spirit of Math, Coconut Software, and Chain Myne.

13. Simplify

Simplify is an eCommerce agency that offers offer its customers only the best solutions that perfectly match their needs. They are more than just being creative or experienced, but, optimal to their clients.

To make such solutions work out, Simplify applies their experience in UI and UX design, creating convenient, programming, process methodology, and efficient digital products to provide their customers the best of everything.

Their key clients are Chocolatery, Capanova, DoFasting, DutyFree, and a few more.

14. eMarspro

eMarspro is a market renowned firm with years of experience managing various aspects of the eCommerce business. This experience allows our teams to provide top-quality services to our clients, leaving them free to manage the other facets of their business.

Whether you run a store on Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Walmart, or any other online eCommerce platform, our expert account managers will skillfully combine their experience and business acumen and map it onto your business objectives. 

Helping manufacturers and retailers set up a complete and easily managed online store is what we eMarspro stands for. From setting up the online store, listing your products, optimizing your store’s ranking so that it stands above its competitors, and every other eCommerce management service, our account managers will be with you the entire way, guiding you to success under one roof. 

With a client-centric mindset, we believe in a simple tenet – Together We Grow.

15. Extfox

Young, ambitious, and agile team of Shopify Developers? ExtFox is a team of Shopify experts that helps agencies and e-commerce businesses scale through high-end professional Shopify solutions. Their services cover creative, unique UI/UX designs, Liquid Development, Private and Public App Development.

Their business core is strong and fast support, safe and reliable Shopify development which makes it the safe choice for your next ideas. Part of their portfolio is the development of few 7-figure Shopify stores. They are your commerce partner for life.

16. Demski Group

If you are looking for any type of custom software or development, The Demski Group has you covered. With over 15 years of industry experience, and a team completely dedicated to customer satisfaction, you will never be disappointed. We pride ourselves on innovation and excellence. That’s what we are all about. Their key clients are Gear Republic, Yawye, and a few more.

17. WRK Partners

WRK Partners is an established branding, design, and development agency based in New York City. As a full-service firm, we help companies plan their e-commerce experience at every stage of the process, whether a new start-up brand or an existing business. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to meld business strategy with online experiences. As Shopify experts, we tailor our solutions to best meet our clients’ needs. 

At their core, they’re an agency dedicated to transforming ideas into meaningful experiences. With a belief that form equals function, every project is an artistic product balanced with thoughtful purpose and direction. Their services span from singular projects to overall brand experiences. No matter the medium or technique, we remain determined to blur the divisions between art and design, print and digital, and entertainment and selling, resulting in innovative, creative solutions rooted in the desire to inspire.

Their key clients are Voluptas Rose Lingerie, Daniel Fichera, and a few more.

18. Zignuts

Zignuts Technolab is a digital transformation catalyst offering web, mobile, cloud, eCommerce, wearables, and IoT solutions for your business! We are an ideal digital transformation and technology service partner for your needs. Right from ideation to execution, we have consistently delivered the competitive edge in the form of robust, fore-sighted, and qualitative solutions.

Enterprise or Startups, our remote digital team makes it possible. Hire remote developers, engineers, solution & cloud architects, quality analysts, UX designers, and dedicated project managers as individuals that best fit in your team or whole team to scale as needed based on the project requirements. Here you can check some of our project’s Case-Studies, built by the Zinguts team.

19. Zestard Technologies

zestard technologies shopify agency

Zestard Technologies is a full-service eCommerce agency. Zestard helps merchants with making a store, marketing a store & maintaining a store (Make, Market and Maintain Model).  In terms of technology, they focus on developing the stores on Shopify, Magento, or WordPress/WooCommerce. 

Zestard is one of the few eCommerce providers that offers Unbiased Ecommerce Platform Recommendations. Zestard understands the client’s need & vision and, based on that, recommends an eCommerce platform. Zestard is trusted by the world’s fastest-growing organizations such as Kodak Lens, Boheco, Liverpool, and Specsmaker. 

Zestard is a Shopify Expert since 2016 has launched 100+ Shopify Stores. Zestard also has 17+ Shopify Apps used by 10,000+ Merchants all over the world. They’re recognized as Top Ecommerce Company in India by Clutch in 2021 and a Top Shopify Agency in 2021 by Design Rush 

20. AdOrganic

AdOrganic is a professional eCommerce agency based in Canada. AdOrganic helps you create an exceptional User Experience (UX), giving your users a seamless, mobile-friendly experience through your website for your brand. If you’re willing to take your eCommerce project to the next level with exceptional user experience and site design, consider talking to them.

They have a team of extensive experience developers who specialize in all eCommerce website builders ranging from Shopify to WooCommerce. Their key clients are Proper Measure Victoria, Dynamic Hosting, Sacred Center Yoga, and Positive Statements.


PSD2HTML is a leading provider of web development and design solutions. We have unrivaled expertise in building websites and online stores, creating banner ads and email templates, mobile development, UI/UX design, and many other areas. Our clients come from all industries. The list of our top partners includes giants such as Maersk, Mazda, and Qantas.

22. Digital Artflow

Digital Artflow is a highly committed IT company with strengths in e-commerce and custom web development services. The company has been on the market since 2009, gaining extensive experience working in various industries in all geographical locations. Key skills expertise in Shopify, WordPress (WooCommerce), Magento 2, Laravel, and WebGL-based applications such as product configurators. They worked with companies like Krowne, Gratnells, Wallspan, and many more.

23. Groove Technology

Groove Technology is paving the way for what innovative, high-caliber technology offshoring should look like. By providing cutting-edge software development services through a unique, integrated resource model, Groove Technology helps intelligent businesses maximize opportunities, ensure staff wellbeing and increase profits.

Connecting clients with highly skilled technical minds are only one part of our operation. We exist to help your business meet every challenge and opportunity head-on with a scalable, adaptable systems approach that understands that your business, your projects, and your needs are unique to that of any other, and will change constantly. Find out about their projects and case studies on their website.

24. Botree Technologies

Since 2012, BoTree Technologies, a leading company in Shopify app development has successfully delivered 200+ projects. They have built high-quality, feature-rich eCommerce products for clients in the fashion, retail, industrial, and manufacturing industry. With 15+ Shopify experts, BoTree offers eCommerce development for both enterprise applications and customer-centric stores. They provide complete Shopify customization, theme design, plugin integration, and store development.  

Their recent Shopify project, Swadesh, is an online grocery store in Canada. Apart from that, their eCommerce team has built products like The Fifth Collection, Gasido, SayHi, and Stocklystics.

25. Naeka

Naeka is a creative, agile, and human-sized web agency based in Lyon and Grenoble, France. At Naeka, they believe in becoming a trusted partner with their clients and let them focus on what inspires them for their business.

They’ve been in the business for over 11 years now and their strength lies above all in the complementarity of profiles, skills, backgrounds, and personalities. Naeka has clients both local and international clients and they’ve delivered such amazon results to them.


Whether you’re just starting with your Shopify store or have a store running. These agencies will help you out in levering your eCommerce store online and build a seamless, mobile-friendly, and enhanced UI experience for your customers.

In this list, we’ve mentioned agencies from domestic to international, new and old, affordable and premium, so you can get the best choice for your Shopify store. If you have any further questions about Shopify development, web design, or eCommerce, read our blog for helpful resources, or just simply reach out to us with any questions!

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