It’s not just a website, it’s an experience

A beautiful and streamlined website can be one of the most effective tools for scaling your business. With a strong focus on usability, architecture, and creative content presentation, we build digital experiences that create a sense of trust, ease, and excitement for your customers.

Two Stages

UX Strategy

UX is typically defined as the overall experience that a user has with a brand’s products and services. A successful user experience is ultimately determined by the desires and needs of a brand’s target audience, but its core intention is to remove friction for the user along the path to purchase. This process typically includes: UX/UI Audit, UX Research, A/B Testing, User Flows, Information Architecture, Sitemapping, & Wireframing.

UI Implementation

User interface design (UI) is defined as the overarching look-and-feel of a website or digital experience. Creating a successful UI typically involves translating the existing visual brand identity into a cohesive digital experience through the strategic use of color, brand messaging, motion, animation, and other interactive visual elements. This process typically includes: Digital Style Guide, Interactive Prototyping, Email Marketing Design, Development Guidelines, Digital Design System, HTML/CSS Animation, & Design Implementation.

Our Process



In this stage, we take an audit of the existing messaging, visual standards, UX/UI, and target audiences to ensure a thorough understanding of the brand as a whole. From there, we develop a cohesive design system and work with our clients to determine the best user experience for the site.



Next, we gain a deep understanding of the content of the site. This allows us to create an architecture to organize the information and determine the number and complexity of designs needed.



Finally, we develop the foundation of the site and create designs and interactive prototypes to show how the site will look and behave in its final form. Once approved by the client, these materials are handed off to the development team for build.



Trellis has worked with us over the past several years to get up and running on Shopify Plus in order to ensure we have the right infrastructure to grow our online business. We have continued to rely on Trellis to help with all things eCommerce to grow our online business. They have become a critical partner for us to grow and scale our website as we continue to expand internationally. I highly recommend Trellis as an honest eCommerce digital solution partner for any of your eCommerce needs.

Alexander Lewis, Global VP of Technology



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