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Site architecture is a way of organizing your website pages to improve SEO and help users easily find information. It's a key element of any successful eCommerce business or website launch.  When developing an architecture strategy for your business, we analyze your historical data to develop a clear understanding of your goals, audience, and the user journey through your site. From there, we create realistic roadmaps to bring your vision to reality.

How We Can Help

Sitemap Planning

Trellis can help you plan and implement your sitemap for SEO best practices, improved user experience, and content planning. We can look at the entire sitemap to ensure the user flow and pages make sense for SEO, conversion rate optimization, and other factors.

Hosting Infrastructure

Optimizing your hosting solution for scalability and security is critical to ensuring your business growth. Trellis can provide top-tier hosting for your eCommerce business or work with your existing hosting such as AWS, Azure, or other providers, to improve security and scalability.

Development Operations

Trellis can automate and optimize your development operations for quality assurance and speed. DevOps is the process of getting software built, and the better that process is, the more stable and efficient your website will be.

Platform Selection

Trellis can help you select the CMS or eCommerce platform that best suits your business and build the system for growth.

Trellis has Magento-certified developers on staff and some of the top Shopify developers in the world. We have built incredibly complex sites on almost all the top CMS and eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, WordPress, BigCommerce, Hubspot, and more.

Framework & Database

Trellis can customize your CMS or eCommerce platform to be scalable for future growth and ease of use.

Your database is also critical to the success of your company. With a deep working knowledge of best-in-class database systems, Trellis can develop the perfect system to complement and enhance your business architecture.

Integration Charts

We can diagram out the entire integration and systems architecture from top to bottom. This includes the eCommerce platform, all the apps, and all the back office systems and integrations.

We Thrive On Complexity

Data is essential for analyzing sales, tracking visits, and planning for the future of your business. As such, it's important for your site to always be connected to your back office systems so that everything is accurately recorded. That's where we come in. We believe in building unified systems to ensure that your data is safely and seamlessly passed from your systems to your store.

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