Trellis has partnered with some of the leading technology, eCommerce, hosting, and agency companies in the United States. We continue to look for new and strong partnerships that will help our clients grow in the years to come.

  • Kount’s patented machine learning technology analyzes transactions to stop fraud and increase revenue for online businesses, merchants, acquiring banks, and payment service providers.

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  • AddShoppers can help you reach a new customer base with access to over 5,000 brands from their global network data. Boost your company's marketing platform with people-based marketing guides, whitepapers, and tutorials.

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  • Amazon Web Services

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow. Explore how millions of customers are currently leveraging AWS cloud products and solutions to build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability.

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  • As one of the most prominent payment gateways, Authorize.Net is trusted by nearly half a million merchants, handling more than 1 billion transactions and $149 billion in payments every year. Authorize.Net helps makes it simplifies the payment process and works in person, online or over the phone.

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  • avalara

    Partnering with the leading sales tax automation software in the world was a no brainer for the Trellis team.

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  • Their revolutionary design platform lets you create stores that engage shoppers and make more sales. Trellis can help you build a beautiful site on their revolutionary platform to help your business grow.

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  • bluesnap logo final flat cg color

    BlueSnap is a global payments technology company that optimizes global, mobile checkout and drives higher payment conversions by as much as 42 percent for eCommerce merchants worldwide. They have a strong

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  • As a design, development and marketing agency BVACCEL equips merchants with strategies driven by the relentless pursuit of profit and loyalty. They are aligned with the best eCommerce strategists, designers and engineers in the pursuit of profit.

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  • ChannelAdvisor connects your products to wherever you want them to go, but they're also here to connect you and your products to whatever comes next. That means being the first to integrate with new channels and new ways of shopping. It means connecting retailers and brands through shared data and insights.

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  • Boost the speed and security of your APIs, ecommerce stores, SaaS products, mobile apps, and websites with Cloudflare technology.

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  • Copypress content strategists assess your needs, work with you to build a customized deliverable schedule, and handpick the creative team to fill your needs and meet your goals.

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  • dotmailer

    DotMailer is a leading eCommerce email marketing and marketing automation technology provider. Their strong integrations with Magento and other eCommerce platforms make them a great partner for Trellis.

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  • With Drift on your website, any conversation can be a conversion. Instead of traditional marketing and sales platforms that rely on forms and follow ups, Drift connects your business with the best leads in real-time.

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  • ordercloud.io

    Four51 has developed a leading B2B eCommerce platform OrderCloud that was a no brainer for the Trellis technology offerings.

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  • growthspark

    Growth Spark has been a great agency partner of Trellis for the past several years by complimenting our services with Shopify eCommerce.

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  • hostway

    Hostway is a high quality Magento hosting option that has expert level Magento developers on staff.

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  • hubspot

    Trellis partnered with Hubspot because of their amazing marketing technology and CRM that helps businesses grow.

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  • inetu

    Trellis partnered with Inetu in order to scale websites to the next level with their enterprise grade WordPress and Magento hosting.

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  • klarna

    Klarna is a leading payment technology that provides machine learning to improve the buying process for eCommerce websites.

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  • Klaviyo helps ecommerce brands bring in more sales with targeted, highly relevant email, Facebook and other social media marketing.

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  • lweb

    Liquid Web is a worldwide leader in hosting and their legendary customer support was a major reason for Trellis to partner with their offerings.

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  • A fresh take on data interpretation, Listrak can unlock the power of data for your customers and boost CRM.

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  • logic

    Logic Broker is a leader in drop ship automation and is a great fit for many Magento eCommerce websites.

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  • magento

    Magento is a leader in eCommerce software powering the most top B2C and B2B websites.

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  • Mailchimp helps their clients find their audience, engage their customers, and build their brand as one of the world's largest marketing automation platforms. They can revamp your email marketing campaign and help reach more users.

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  • mechanica

    Mechanica is a leading full service branding agency that works with Trellis to implement high quality state of the art websites.

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  • A leader in many fields of technology, Microsoft provides innovative solutions for many aspects of business. Trellis uses their revolutionary software to manufacture unprecedented results.

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  • Using a cloud based system, nChannel provides clients the ability to manage multichannel operations with unprecedented ease and flexibility. Products are managed and merchandised smarter, orders are routed and fulfilled more efficiently, inventory is better controlled and customers are serviced with more precision and value.

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  • nex

    Nexcess is a leading hosting provider in the Magento space and helps Trellis provide affordable Magento hosting to clients.

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  • OroCommerce is built for both mid- and large-sized B2B companies selling online. We support any business-to-business eCommerce scenario including Self-Service websites, Buyer-Seller Interactions, and B2B Marketplaces. Businesses, both new or experienced in eCommerce, can benefit from our B2B platform.

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  • pantheon

    Pantheon is a leader in cloud WordPress hosting and was a great addition to the Trellis offerings.

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  • Send payments quickly and securely with this leading electronic banking system. A trusted partner of Trellis, PayPal can easily be integrated into sites that we build.

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  • Help grow your email lists, reduce cart abandonment, and increase repeat sales with Privy's world class marketing tools.

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  • A premier SEO firm focused on serving the needs of e-commerce an online retailers seeking higher visibility in search. RazorRank provides integrated SEO resources for clients seeking superior service and advice to boost ROI.

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  • returnly

    Returnly offers a streamlined solution for better product returns, giving online merchants the tools they need to efficiently manage returns while enabling customers to help themselves with all of their product returns needs - from printing return labels to checking their return status or receiving refunds and follow up emails.

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  • logo_saleslayer_x1200_alpha

    Sales Layer is an intelligent product information manager that helps companies to curate their product content and synchronize it across retailers, paper catalogs and web & mobile platforms.

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  • saleforce

    Salesforce is the leader in CRM technology and Trellis works with many companies to integrate Salesforce into WordPress and Magento.

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  • salsify

    Salsify is a top PIM platform in the world and services some of the largest companies that rely on quality product information management.

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  • The world's leading shipping management system helps your business control shipping rate calculation, giving you flexibility and control of your shipping rates in the cart and checkout.

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  • shipstation

    Shipstation is a premium provider of shipping and fulfillment web based software in the eCommerce world. With a large range of integrations and partners, ShipStation can make it easier than ever to fulfill eCommerce orders on platforms like Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce.

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  • shopify agency

    Shopify is a commerce platform that allows anyone to easily sell online, at a retail location, and everywhere in between. Shopify offers a professional online storefront, a payment solution to accept credit cards, and the Shopify POS application to power retail sales.

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  • Dedicated to protecting against fraudulent transactions, Signifyd allows business to focus on growth by making commerce safer for online retailers.

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  • Social Yeah

    Social Yeah provides high quality Facebook, social media, and email marketing services to small and medium size businesses.

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  • Smile.io is a leading loyalty program for the Magento platform.

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  • trust guard logo

    Trust Guard is a global leader in PCI compliance and website security. We continually strive to expand and enhance our security solutions to meet the ever-evolving threats and risks present in today’s online environment.

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  • A modern marketing agency thats specializes in video production, media planning & distribution, influencer marketing, Google & Alexa voice services, amongst others.

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  • As a full-service ecommerce management solution Volo enables businesses to enter the consumer market rapidly, intelligently and with confidence. They will help you put a plan in place to allow your business to succeed.

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  • webshopapps

    Web Shop Apps is a top shipping extension and SaaS provider for eCommerce sites of all sizes.

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  • WhatArmy can provide website support and help build ecommerce growth on platforms such as WordPress and Shopify.

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  • windsor circle

    Windsor Circle is a leading retention marketing platform that helps merchants of all sizes grow with eCommerce.

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  • Using the industry’s only guaranteed, enterprise grade data integrations between eCommerce and email software, Windsorcircle helps retailers grow customer lifetime value and increase customer retention. Their software fuels big data integrations, advanced customer segmentation, and predictive and automated omnichannel marketing programs.

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  • wpengine

    WPengine is a leader in WordPress hosting and is a great partner for Trellis WordPress offerings.

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  • ecommerce agency

    As the largest independent digital marketing agency in the US, we push our clients to challenge convention, grow market share, and transform results. From Paid Search to SEO, Social to Email, our team of 300+ talented individuals manage campaigns for companies such as Forever 21, Marriott, Providence Health & Services, Z Gallerie, and Toyota. Join us and Think Like A Challenger!

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  • Yotpo helps online retailers build awareness and credibility by generating user reviews and photos for their products. Their service increases sales and conversions through the implementation at key points on your site.

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  • Zaius combines marketing automation, analytics, and CRM software into a B2C markleting platform. They drive results with multi-channel campaign coordination, driving repeat purchases with triggered emails and push messages, or building customer loyalty with intelligent welcome and post-purchase campaigns.

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  • zoey

    Zoey combines the power and customizability of an open source platform with the ease of use of a SaaS solution. With a drag-and-drop design editor, B2B functionality and flexible product management tools, you'll be up and running in no time with the most powerful features online!

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  • zurb

    Trellis was thrilled to partner with Zurb a leader in responsive design and a top design agency in the world.

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