As eCommerce becomes more and more competitive it is important to become creative in ways that can differentiate you from competitors who most likely have similar products to you on their eCommerce website. The eCommerce industry has become more mature and simply listing a lot of products on your website is not enough to become increasingly successful online.

Content marketing and a blog can be a great way to improve sales given the right type of business and execution. Here are some ways that a blog can help your eCommerce sales:

1) Build a better email list

A successful blog will help generate a strong newsletter or subscription list. If visitors enjoy your content and read your blog regularly that may want to subscribe to your newsletter that updates them on new content you have created or news about your company. You can potentially email these subscribers about deals and promotions regarding your products, ultimately resulting in more eCommerce sales.

2) Increase Your Sites SEO Value

A blog is a great way to write about content relevant to your business and industry. High quality blog posts will get indexed by Google and increase your websites SEO value. Additionally, Blog posts are some of the best ways to get back links because other sites will want to link back to quality content. Links are still a major part of the Google algorithm and will increase your SEO presence.

3) Drive Traffic to Products

You can write about new products or maybe tie products into certain stories in your blogs. People love stories. A blog is a great way to write about a new product and the story behind that new product and how it became a part of your business.

4) Promote Company Events and News

A blog is one of the main places to promote events and news about your company. This is a great way to get positive buzz and brand recognition about some of the more ground level work your company may be doing, resulting in potentially more direct traffic and thus sales.

5) Build Brand Awareness

A blog is one of the best ways to get your brand out to a large audience. Several research studies have demonstrated that a blog can be one of the leading touch points for a new customer or person to learn about your business. Building an eCommerce brand is hard, and anything that can help be a catalyst to grow it is worth the effort.

6) Increase awareness about promotions

eCommerce is incredibly competitive and the need to lower prices to stay competitive increases every day. Promotions are critical for winning over new customers. A blog can help you promote big site wide promotions or anything else you may be promoting to win more new customers and repeat customers.

7) Improve your social presence

A social media profile that posts high quality original content is a profile more likely to be followed than a profile that over promotes its products and services. A blog is a great way to show off your industry expertise and help potential customers learn more about the industry. This can greatly improve your social presence as people will want to follow thought leaders in an industry.

8) Drive more referral traffic

Similar to the SEO presence reason, a blog can drive great back links because other sites link to high quality content and research. This can greatly improve the referral traffic of your website and thus overall sales.

9) Demonstrate industry expertise

People are more willing to buy from an industry expert than someone who is simply a non factor in that space. Industry experts lead the charge when it comes to finding the best products and services in an industry. A blog can be a great way to demonstrate that your business knows the products best and that you should be buying from them over competitors. Trunk club is an excellent example of such an eCommerce blogging strategy.

10) Display customer experiences

Think about how many happy customers have bought from your eCommerce store? Most of their stories will go untold. A blog can be a great way to highlight some of the positive customer experiences that would otherwise go unseen.

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