Getting Results Faster
Getting Results Faster
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Welcome back to the next edition of the Trellis video series featuring CEO Isaiah Bollinger and Jayme Aronson of Fly by the MOON Media. Today’s blog features another inside look at how COVID-19 has disrupted business across the world and best practices to get through the pandemic. Businesses of all shapes and sizes have been adversely affected by the virus and have been forced to re-evaluate and re-structure their operations – a major hurdle for most.

Over the past month or so, we have been focused on helping our clients re-strategize and find alternative sources of revenue in order to meet their goals. We have made a conscious effort to work collaboratively with our clients in order to maintain a long-term partnership. It is important to focus on both short term and long term goals. Each provides different values for your brand, but your business cannot survive when focusing on one or the other. With that said, today we are focusing on short-term strategies to help get results faster during this crisis.

Own Decision-Making Process

Consultants and agencies should ALWAYS be trying to add value to their client’s products and services. However, this holds true now more than ever. The hallmark of any good working relationship is strong communication that fosters a give and take, back and forth approach. However, both sides usually believe that they know what is best and try to control the situation. In tough times, a better strategy is to listen to the experts. If you have hired a consultant or agency to assist in a project, you have done so because you trust their expertise in the field. Do not abandon that trust. In fact, double down on it.

Agencies must take more control of the eCommerce strategy process. Every business operations need to be scrutinized through the lens of ROI. Focus on the operations that are working. Agencies may need to take charge and do a better job of providing strategic consulting during tough times.

Best Practices

During tough times like these, you do not want to spread your resources too thin. Allocate the bulk of your time, money, and manpower to focus on the most important projects or KPIs and abandon the lesser important ventures. Overanalyzing the details will result in overspending or failure to meet deadlines. We are not saying to neglect certain parts of your business,, but rather make a concerted effort to find that right balance.


Creating tangible output should be your main focus for the short term. Get that MVP (minimally viable product) out into the stratosphere. Do not wait for everything to be perfect (it probably never will be), but rather focus on being efficient and creating additional opportunities for growth.

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