Godaddy went down the Monday of the week of September 10, 2012 causing millions of registered sites to go down for much of the day. This hack into Godaddy has caused outcries across the country. Godaddy has tweeted that they are sorry for the problem and are working to resolve it. They did not give a time table as to how long the problem will take to resolve. Websites hosted with Godaddy and even domain names registered with Godddy but not hosted with Godaddy were down in the morning of Monday September 10, 2012, but most were back online by the afternoon that day. Godaddy has a notice on their website regarding the issue and has alerted their customers that they have worked hard to resolve any problems

According to the hacking group Anonymous, they are taking credit for the hack into Godaddy because of their support for SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). Anonymous says that Godaddy is supporting attempts by the government to censor the internet that could deprecate the free and open source of information a non-censored internet provides.

The member of Anonymous said the attack was not affiliated with the group; however some reports say that it was not a hacking attempt and just a corrupted router malfunction. Whatever the cause, it is still not clear as to what exactly happened. Regardless, such major downtime to the largest registrar of domain names is not something to take lightly.

Information technology is an amazing thing, but as we become more accustomed to its benefits we seem to forget how fragile such massive systems are. To keep everything working properly requires amazing precision and systems cooperating in sync, and one disruption such as what we witnessed with Godaddy can cause major uproar in the Information technology sector.

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