Google has dominated the Internet marketing landscape for the past decade and is poised to continue to dominate it for another decade.  However, its fastest growing sector as a company is not Internet marketing at all.  It is another line item on their balance sheet, Other.

Google Financial

As you can see from their financial charts they have averaged over 100% growth in their other revenue increases YOY for the past three quarters and that does not seem to be slowing down.  They are generating revenue from their cloud business services and many other areas as they build their infrastructure as a true technology company, not just an Internet marketing platform.  In fact the Google Chromecast is the number one selling electronics item on Ebay.

Just this past day, Google acquired Nest for 3.2 billion dollars, an early 2014 blockbuster acquisition. That may seem like a lot of money for a company that provides thermostat & smoke dector technology but this acquisition is about much more than that. Google acquired Motorola to create phones, complimenting its Android devices and is now moving into the home automation sector with its recent acquisition of Nest.

The point I am trying to make here is that Google is going to quickly make its way into every industry that can be automated or dominated with technology, which really could be every industry.  The Google automated car is well on its way and Google has recently acquired multiple robotics companies.

It is only a matter of time before food services become automated and your mcdonalds hamburger is ordered through a system like Siri after which you are handed a burger by a robot or conveyor belt.  As Google starts to make its way into internet service providing, home automation, vehicle automation, technology devices like the chromebook and Android smartphones they could eventually become the largest company in the world.  It is very possible their revenue could be over 60 billion for the year in 2013 and at the rate they are growing I would not be surprised to see their revenue at 150 to 200 billion or higher in 10 years.

As Google continues to expand its technological capabilities we mostly look at them in awe because of their brilliance in being able to bring technology to the average person.  However, at the same time it is also scary that their capabilities are becoming so strong because of the potential for them to be a Wal-Mart like technology monopoly.  However the future of Google plays out it will be interesting to live through regardless of whether you love or despise their dominance. I look forward to see any companies that stand in their way because as a true american, I do believe that more competition will breed better results.

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