Google's New Search Console Domain Property Feature
Google's New Search Console Domain Property Feature
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Google has been overhauling Google Search Console for years now. They recently migrated all accounts to their new interface in the past year so you no longer have the old view and see the new updated UI and features.

They recently launched a new tool that finally clears up the annoying URL prefix issue. Historically Google wanted you to claim all your domain prefixes and choose a preferred domain to make it clear which domain you wanted to rank most in SERPs.

It wasn’t exactly clear what the best path forward was. Typically we had been recommending to focus on https:// since that was the simplest and of course the new secure route prefix.

Now Google has made it more clear what to do by introducing a domain level property you can claim and view all activity on!

Its much easier to view activity on the domain level and not worry about the prefix anymore but I would still claim all prefix versions. Here are the four we recommend:

http://, https://, http://www, https://www,

Now you can more easily see all domain level activity in one view and have less to worry about from a prefix level. I would still recommend focusing on one prefix when you link your site in places such as just https to keep it consistent.

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