Setting Up for Success Post-COVID-19
Setting Up for Success Post-COVID-19
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Trellis CEO Isaiah Bollinger recently “sat down” with Jayme Aronson of Fly by the MOON Media. They discussed how the onset of COVID-19 has disrupted small business operations all over the world. Our video series treads onward with clips from their podcast discussion featuring an inside look at post-COVID-19 business strategies. We may be living in difficult times, but businesses must persevere and show resilience in order to succeed over the long term.

Strategic Roadmap

With so much chaos circling businesses everywhere, one of the most impactful things you can do is to devise a plan and stick to it. Take the time to sit down and evaluate the situation before making any rash decisions. Once you feel like you have a grasp at the situation at hand, devise a plan to resolve any problems or friction that may exist. Once you have a plan you believe in, stick to it and ride out the storm. Flopping back and forth between ideas will only create additional complications. Keep it simple and move forward steadily.

Less is More

All businesses should have their sights set high. Ambitious goals should be encouraged. However, in dire times, it is best to play it safe and focus on the best aspects of your business. It is possible you want to expand or shift your business immensely, but this is probably not the best time to do it. Take a look at your plans and make sure that they are not overly aggressive. Uncertainty is running rampant and you do not want to overextend your business in any way.

Spreading yourself too thin will result in revenue losses across the board. In the Post coronavirus world, it is important to focus on the aspects of your business that are most critical and provide the most value to all involved parties. Ensure that the quality of your products and services does not suffer whatsoever.

Hit the Ground Running

As things transition back to normal, it is important to make sure your business is prepared to hit the ground running. Almost everyone is getting antsy to get back in the saddle of normal business operations. Things will move very quickly so be ready to capture business right away. Business operations may be even more chaotic once the economy starts back up, so it is increasingly important to have clearcut initiatives that you want to have. Stick to those initiatives and execute them exceptionally well.

There will be a ton of opportunities for businesses to grow in the post coronavirus era, but they must be prepared. This point in time is a great opportunity to re-think all of the business operations and set new goals. The post-COVID-19 world will be eager to grow and get back on track. Businesses that recognize this need and fill it will succeed.

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