Medford, Ma

Business Development Intern


Bachelors in Progress


Sales Experience


Excellent Verbal Communication Skills

Excellent Writing Skills

Social Media

Sales Experience

Email Marketing

Event Marketing


Responsibilities & Duties

Strategic Consulting:

This responsibility with be two fold.  The first, serving as a consulting Ecommerce Director for brands that need strategic guidance on building out their ecommerce practices while managing internal Trellis resources to ensure premium quality communication and deliverables.  The second, serving as a solutions lead on new client signings for Trellis and helping to onboard these clients through an initial 1 to 2 week discovery process to better flesh out core project requirements.

Closing Deals:

Working with the CRO and senior team to help close more deals with proposals, RFPs and contracts for the Magento, Shopify Plus, Bigcommerce and WordPress CMS platforms. Ideally looking for six figure plus lifetime value contracts whether it is ongoing maintenance or full implementations.

Channel Lead Generation:

Generating new leads through partner relationships, responding to new leads, vetting leads, identifying new lead generation opportunities and channels that represent high growth opportunities.  Evaluation of new lead generation tools and 3rd party resources with offerings such as Drift and list building services.

Channel Partnerships:

Helping build, facilitate, and strengthen existing partnerships to generate new leads and also send clients to proper partners for services / products outside of the Trellis core services.

Social Media:

Assist and improve social media campaigns to get Trellis content, news, and brand to a larger audience. Identify appropriate social groups like Linkedin Groups etc to post appropriate content and reach a targeted audience.

Major Channels:





Content Marketing:

Assist in distribution and creation of content marketing assets such as blogs, infographics, white papers, third party publications, and interviews.

Hubspot CRM:

Enter lead and partner information into Hubspot and help build up Hubspot data as a better CRM tool for Trellis via adding accurate data and information.

Leadership Content:

The executive team is often asked to submit interviews and content to industry publications.  This role with serve to manage these relationships as well as writing original content for the CRO for his Forbes Council.  

Email Marketing:

Assist in helping Trellis build out email marketing campaigns with new content as needed.  Manage internal design and marketing resources to ensure quality and timely development of materials.

Event Marketing:

Help Trellis build on its two Meetup groups, The Boston eCommerce Meetup, and The New England Magento meetup, as well as attend more events that will provide value to Trellis.  This function will also help support the CRO in developing event marketing opportunities and activations with major channel partners including Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, and third party software providers.