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With decades of experience of making highly functional and results-driven eCommerce websites, we have learned a lot, and we have noticed that every online store shares a few mutual characteristics. We have put together this guide to the ECommerce Customer Lifecycle, or ECL to help brands optimize their digital strategy and it is the most important concept our clients should pay attention to.

The ECL documents every stage of an online shopper’s interaction with your brand and is an essential blueprint that we have kept exclusive to our web design clients over the years. However, it applies to every online store, in any industry vertical. It is our personal guidebook for how to quantitatively bring a store from inception to success, in a reliable, measurable and predictable manner.

  • AQUISITION - Get new customers and fans by "Casting your net wide" to appeal to a wide variety of customers. All acquisition strategies have the goal to appeal to the masses. Some targeting can occur here, but it is best to be as widespread as possible and appeal to a variety of customers.

  • CONVERSION - Enticing your shoppers to buy - and buy more! Success in this stage relies heavily on the quality of your website design. How your website is judged by visitors can be broken down into two categories: function and form.

  • FULFILLMENT - Delivering your products on time and in great condition leads to positive reviews and customer retention while optimizing your costs means more profits in your pocket. Congrats! You got customers to your store and convinced them to buy your products! This means you have a functioning store and well-thought-out marketing strategy, but you are not done yet.

  • RETENTION - Get customers to come back and work to maximize Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Individual customer: made a purchase and received a product. How can you continue to follow up with them? Retention marketing begins as soon as fulfillment is complete (or even beforehand). This is essential for maximizing a customer’s lifetime value.

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