Staying Ahead During A Crisis
Staying Ahead During A Crisis
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Very few, if any, people saw this COVID-19 pandemic coming. However, some companies were better suited to handle the extremities of the situation than others. Preparedness goes a long way in times like these, so it is critical to have operational plans in place for if (and when) things go awry.

The Trellis videos series continues today with another clip from Trellis CEO Isaiah Bollinger’s podcast discussion with Jayme Aronson of Fly by the MOON Media. They discussed how the onset of COVID-19 has disrupted small business operations all over the world and how to come back stronger than ever. Let’s take an inside look at the top crisis management strategies to get you through the current ordeal and be better prepared for the next problem that comes your way.


At Trellis, we like to be as transparent as possible. We can admit when we do things right, but also when we do things wrong. Fortunately, our executive leadership team had enough foresight to have security plans in place for when things go wrong. Now, bear in mind we did not predict a global health crisis and did not have specific plans in place for a pandemic due to a virus outbreak. However, we did have strategic guidelines defined for if things started to go negative. Isaiah recognized that economies are cyclical. Growth can not be sustained in perpetuity so we were prepared for an economic downturn at some point in the next few years.

It was easy enough to combat the health effects of this pandemic due to the fact that we were 70% remote prior to the outbreak. For businesses that have a stronger in-office presence, this transition was probably more difficult.

Additionally, security is paramount here at Trellis. Over the years, we have invested heavily in protecting our clients, our employees, and our infrastructure. We recommend that other businesses do the same.

There are so many possible things that can wrong in the world and in business, it would be nearly impossible to install plans for every little thing. Similarly, it would be ignorant to do nothing and wait for a crisis to happen again until you begin to plan. The goal is to find the right balance. In our experience, it is always better to be over-prepared than under. So invest the time now to protect yourself from further problems down the line.

Weekly Adjustments

As mentioned above, Trellis was relatively prepared for this crisis. Our team thrives remotely and eCommerce traffic is way up. However, not all of our clients have been affected equally by the coronavirus. For example, eCommerce bends selling gym equipment or home remedies are selling out of their products instantly. While some of our clients in fashion & apparel are struggling a bit. In light of this, we are reminding all of our clients to take one week at a time and re-strategize accordingly.

As some industries excel while others suffer, it is critical to understand that your strategy is industry-specific. The

Strong Management

We all understand that these times are unprecedented. Businesses must tread carefully out of fear of complete collapse. Take a look at your operations and re-invest into the areas with the highest ROI. Double down on your top offerings, but stay agile enough to adjust as needed.

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