Trellis can implement extensions or create custom integrations to make your business more efficient

Customer Relationship Management

Your CRM system is critical to your sales process and bottom line. Trellis can ensure that Magento or WordPress connect to your CRM so that systems like Salesforce and Zoho can talk to your CMS or eCommerce platform properly. Thus, no customer or sales data will be stuck in just one system but shared via both systems.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

Your ERP system is the lifeblood of your business. It can be the central system managing your finances, contacts, sales process, inventory, shipments, invoices, HR, project management, and much more. Trellis can connect your ERP platform to Magento and other eCommerce platforms so that there is efficient communication between both systems and no data is lost in translation.

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Point of Sale

Your point of sale system is the touch point between your physical customers and products or services. Your POS system drives your retail transactions and thus is a critical business asset. Trellis can ensure your POS system is connected to your eCommerce platform so all transactions flow between in store and online channels, unifying your sales data.

Product Information Management

Properly managing and distributing your product information is critical to selling online, through retailers, in store, and wherever you may be selling. Our team has the integration capabilities to properly sync communication and data between your POS system, Magento, or WordPress in real time.

Payment / Shipping

Payment and shipping are critical functions of any eCommerce website. Having proper payment and shipping integrations that make your website competitive and effective is essential to the eCommerce solutions we provide.

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Applicant Tracking System

Are you struggling to keep track of all your applicants and where they are in the hiring process? Trellis can help you integrate your applicant tracking system into your website so that new prospects can apply directly on your website without your business having to manually add that applicant to your system. Additionally new job postings will automatically be published to your website.

Magento 2 Salsify Connector

Our Connector will seamlessly integrate your Salsify data with Magento 2 so that you no longer have to worry about manual product feeds or other manual work. Once installed and configured, you can easily update all product data in Magento via our connector with the click of a button. We have perfected this module over years of working with Magento and Salsify as partners of both solutions.

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Custom Integrations

Trellis can integrate any third party platform into the Magento and WordPress CMS platforms. Please contact us for more information about our integration services.